Best Folding Wagons for Toddlers 2022

The heavy duty folding wagon from Mac Sports is the best light folding wagon after testing of its closest competitors over sandy beaches and rocky hills. Oversize wheels and its rugged construction make it well-deserving of the title “heavy duty”. While we do like the Mac Sports – Utility Wagon because it is a lower-priced option and can be used for light household chores like grocery shopping, our favorite model is the Radio Flyer – EZ Fold with Canopy.

There are various tools that have been made specifically to make sure your work is easier and comfortable to do.

One of those tools is a wagon that has the ability to enable people to do so many kinds of jobs; light folding wagons are popular due to their flexibility to carry different stuff.

  • A best folding wagon may be used in various situations and places, for example, you could move farm supplies with a wagon, and sports gear can also be carried in it, trip packs may be transported in it.
  • It is also very common to see people take their kids in wagons.
  • It is a great choice for people who live in apartments or those who like to take the wagon on their cars.

You might find yourself asking, What are the best online shopping accessories for Folding Wagon? A best folding wagon comes in handy to solve your mobility issues throughout the house or when you are engaged in outdoor activities.

They are useful for almost any task that you would require to be done for you, especially carrying your essentials and stored away by folding them up until the next time that you would require to use it.


The best light folding wagon is useful for carrying kids’ toys, make-up accessories for women, coastline essentials, and picnic essentials. There are two variations of the folding wagons; metal wagon, folding wagon for the beach, or long-lasting fabric wagon. The type of wagon you select will provide you with incredible solutions to outdoor activities, transportation of materials, and tools needed in outdoor expeditions among other requirements.

Metal Folding Wagon: These types of wagons will do you justice mainly in carrying your garden tools. They are made of high-quality heavy-duty materials that can take just about any capacity of weight. They can also be used in just about any terrain due to the rubber made long-lasting tires. Most of these types of the soil-heavy gardening wagon to the beach are created in such a way that they can transform from a transportation utility into a detachable platform.

Fabric Folding Wagon: This type of cart is most suitable for the beach. It can carry all of your large supplies that you would require in your outdoor ventures. They are of large size enough to carry all of your equipment in just one trip. They are best for unruffled concrete and tarmac. This type of wagon can fold up to about any fraction of the whole wagon for storage. Many of these kinds of wagons are created to offer handles that are detachable or contain compartments for extra storage.

Where can you get yourself a folding wagon/step 2 wagon? Here are the top fifteen best folding wagon. They are found in a variety of online markets such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, mentioning just a few, at customer-friendly prices. Please, find the below top five best folding wagon to look out for in 2022.  

Best Foldable Wagon for Kids 2022

All-Terrain Pathfinder Folding Wagon Ride-On


What is the best folding wagon for your kid/best children’s wagon/toddler wagon with a canopy? This is a product of an American based company, Radio Flyer that is responsible for manufacturing kids’ products for the last century. Your child will find this product essential thanks to the incredible features which include:


  • An unruffled ride that is enhanced by air tires that is suitable for the all-terrain set.
  • Utmost carriage capacity is facilitated by two wagons that seat is folded up providing a cozy ride.
  • It is created with seat belts to ensure safety.
  • Contains compartments for cups for easy access to drinks and snacks.
  • On storage, the handle which is conveniently extra-long folds up to minimize storage space.

Folding Camping Wagon/Cart


Are you going to a picnic or a camping trip? Choose the right folding wagon. Timber Ridge is a renowned manufacturer of outdoor products that can be used to save your outdoor expeditions.

  • The products include folding chairs, umbrellas, and other camping tools. It is created with a collapsible wagon robust steel frame which is incredible for picnic or beach.
  • This best folding wagon is another great product that has been created with the following features:


  • It is easy to use thanks to the fold-up factor that folds and opens up in seconds.
  • When storing, it takes only minimal space.
  • Also, construction is not required. It has a long enough handle that offers effortless control of the wagon on most terrains.
  • It is portable for travel since you can fold it into a carry bag. This makes it easy to take it occupies minimal space. It is created with high-quality, long-lasting, tough fabric.
  • It is made with a tough steel frame with wheels that are of great size enough, almost over-sized, and suitable for every terrain.
  • It can also hold a capacity of up to 68 kilograms stable and comfortable.

All-Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart


Are you a lover of outdoor sporting activities? Mac Sports, the manufacturer behind this incredibly featured wagon, is renowned for providing high quality in her products including outdoor folding chairs, travel bags, duffel bags among others.

  • It is created with heavy-duty collapsible folding.
  • This sleek-looking metal wagon is one of the best yet products that are featured as follows:


  • The interior is of great size enough to hold a great capacity for the equipment.
  • Suitable compact storage that comprises a carry case.
  • ‘It is created with an incredible fabric that can carry a weight of up to 68 kilograms.
  • Mobility features of the utility wagon include a handle that can be adjusted for fast portability. 
  • Fast transport is enhanced by the very large wheels which are perfect for maneuvering to the coastline, outdoor expeditions, sporting activities, and outdoor hangouts in the park.
  • It is also ideal for use throughout the house.

Garden Folding Utility Shopping Cart


Do you need a wagon that can fit all of your makeup accessories and travel beauty essentials? This feminine wagon is a product of YSC and is incredible for female shopping lovers. The top features that allow it to serve you to perfection include:


  • It is lightweight which is fantastic for shopping.
  • It can take a capacity of up to 68 kilograms.
  • It is simple to use; you only have to fold and unfold it for storage and use, respectively.
  • It is created with high-quality fabric which enhances its durability.

Garden Cart Shopping Beach Outdoors


Do you love hanging out at the coastline? Well, do not forget your essentials.

  • The Seina Company is responsible for this beach-perfect asset.
  • It is created with collapsible features which make it portable.

The features below are some of the factors that make this wagon a must-have for the coastline and outdoor lovers.


  • It is easy to use as no construction is required. You only fold it up or down to your desired. It is created with the fabric of high-quality durability.
  • The outer steel frame is coated with a special Black Powder.
  • It has seven rubber wheels that are suitable for all weather and terrain.
  • It can take up to a weight of 68 kilograms.

Here Are Some of the Best Portable Folding Wagons for you

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon


This is one of the best brands in the market designed to give you ease of travel and above all comfort when carrying whatever you desire. Its capacity can be undermined.

  • The best folding wagon weighs 25.4 pounds only but has a carrying capacity of 150 pounds way above its competition.
  • It is suitable for parades, garage sales, concerts, transporting fishing and sports gear, etc.
  • This is a wagon that will give you long term service because of its sturdy steel construction and strong polyester fabric, comes with a telescopic handle for easy pulling and folding.


  • Collapsible folding wagon.
  • Ideal for packing and transporting gear to the park, a campsite, or a picnic.
  • Fits easily in the car.
  • Solid steel frame construction.
  • Durable 600 Denier polyester fabric.


  • Lots of room
  • Functional features.
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Easy to carry or transport
  • Easy to clean


  • No brakes to lock wheels in place.
  • The handle only extends about 16 inches past the wagon.

Rаdіо Flуеr 3-іn-1 EZ Fold Wаgоn Ride On


Radio Flyer is the brand responsible for the classic little red wagon that we know from our childhood.

There has been much anticipation for this wagon and here it is:

  • If you were fired up for this one then maybe this review helps to explain the features that this product has.
  • Designed specifically for carrying kids, this wagon can as most of them are folded however this is better due to its portability and ease of fold.
  • The cart can accommodate two children comfortably. It has two seats for the kids and four cup holders meant for kid’s cups.
  • This wagon has a removable UV canopy that protects the kids from harmful UV rays; this means you can have your children enjoy the ride under such conditions without fear of the rays.


  • Offers 3 modes: Hauling, rider seating, and bench seating
  • Easy 1-hand folding
  • Safety straps keep everything together.
  • Seat up to 2 people.


  • Color is true to what you see online.
  • Sturdy steel construction ensures lifetime performance.
  • Easy to fold; simply pull a center tab and the wagon folds up right away.


  • No seat belts for kid safety
  • Difficultly to make tight turns, could tip over

Mас Sроrtѕ Heavy Duty Folding All Terrain Utіlіtу Bеасh Wagon Cаrt


Your favorite folding wagon now in your favorite color. Load up this fold-able wagon with all of your beach or backyard essentials and get ready for an easy haul.

Underneath its solid construction and durable polyester fabric are giant wheels that roll over different surfaces without trouble.

Collapse it down and store it away or pack it in the car for a road trip with the family.

Why makes multiple trips when you can get it done all at once with your MAC Sports All Terrain Collapsible Wagon.


  • Strong steel frame construction folds down to 10″ thick.
  • Durable 600D polyester fabric.
  • Includes two cups/cellphone holder
  • Giant 4″ x 10″ beach wheels roll over different types of surfaces.
  • Eliminates hassle of making multiple trips.


  • Easy maneuverability
  • Can handle different types of terrain including sand
  • The handle locks into the main frame of the wagon for easy access.


  • Big wheels take up more space than other wagon wheels when folded.

Wonder Fold Outdoor High-End Utility Folding Wagon with Canopy


Here comes one of the best folding wagons of the modern generation meant for you, whether you love the beach or not you will love this wagon.

  • It also caters to all family fun whenever needed.
  • The following size specifications make the wagon the best regarding the weight it can carry, usually 155 pounds.
  • It is 5.25 inches long by 21.65 inches wide by 23.62 inches high and when folded; it is 23.62 inches in length, by 5.6 inches in width by 32.28 inches high.


  • Original durable wagon with US patent
  • Best one-step folding & unfolding experience with auto safety locking system.
  • 180° steering telescoping swivel handle with never fall on the ground with a special spring bounce design.

One pedal foot brakes, wide premium EVA tires with bearings installed, sturdy wagon stand, removable. 


  • Power handling driving mechanism.
  • Safety seat belts and brakes.
  • The auto-locking mechanism of the wagon is a modern feat.


  • The handle needs to be reinforced when carrying big loads by welding it to the body.

TimberRidge Folding Camping Wаgоn/Cаrt


Timber ridge folding wagon is arguably the best beach wagon you’ll ever come across. 

  • Aside from the beach, this best folding wagon is a must-have when you go camping, gardening, and more.
  • It opens and folds up in seconds, and you won’t need any assembly. Moreover, the timber ridge folding wagon can be folded into a carry bag, meaning it’s extremely easy to carry.


  • High quality, durable material.
  • Telescoping handle.
  • Four over-sized large wheels.
  • Sturdy steel frame


  • It has an extending handle for effective control in rough terrains.
  • Durability enhanced by the 600D polyester material.


  • Rubber tires hence prone to wear and tear.

Seina Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon


Seina Collapsible folding wagon features a solid steel construction and durable stalwart polyester fabric which makes it ideal for carrying stuff weighing up to 150 pounds. 

  • Its 7-inch diameter wheels make it possible to navigate all kinds of terrain.
  • It’s easy to use because doesn’t require assembling and it has a full wagon handle for easy hauling.


  • Black powder-coated steel frame.
  • 7-inch rubber all-terrain wheels.
  • Durable high-strength 600D polyester fabric.
  • Large weight capacity.
  • Two mesh drink holders.


  • Color is true to what you see online.
  • Sturdy steel construction ensures lifetime performance
  • Easy to fold; simply pull a center tab and the wagon folds up right away
  • Lots of room for stuff.
  • 7-inch rubber all-terrain wheels enable the wagon to move on any terrain with much ease.
  • No assembly required; simply unfold and go.


  • You may get a product with manufacturing defects but Seina is always ready to take them back and offers a refund or replacement. 

YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility Shopping Cart


This beach wagon is arguably the lightest wagon on the market. But you’ll be wrong if you think its not strong enough, as it has a weight capacity of 150 pounds.

Ideally, the wagon does not require assembly; just unfold and you are ready to go! If you love beach fun, gardening, and grocery shopping, this is the item for you.


  • Super lightweight was only slightly more than 10 LBS.
  • 150 LBS in weight capacity.
  • No assembly required – Just unfold and go!
  • Durable high strength 600D polyester fabric


  • Super light; weighs slightly more than 10 pounds
  • Requires no assembly; simply unfold and go
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Nice color and design


  • Not for hauling as much gear

Creative Outdoor Distributors Original Folding Garden Wagon

It is a versatile wagon that can be used for both outdoor and indoor movements.

  • This one has a canopy meant for further protection of the things being carried; as a result, it increases its functionality. 
  • It has a weight capacity of up to 120 pounds, and as such, this is a big game folding wagon for you. A set of uniqueness has also been added due to its yellow tires and black wheels.


  • Creatives Outdoor Distributors
  • Dimensions: 20″ high by 42.5″ long by 19.5″ wide
  • Weight limit: 150 pounds
  • Construction: Steel and 600 denier polyester fabric


  • So many storage options for tools, keys etc…
  • The handle is long
  • Folds easily


  • Difficulty travelling on the sand when loaded down
  • Fabric cannot be completely removed for washing
  • Difficult to steer

Sandusky Lee Heavy Duty Folding Wagon


This heavy-duty wagon is perfect for outdoor use such as sporting events, camping, a day at the park,  or gardening at home.

Conveniently transports groceries, camping gear, gardening supplies, sports equipment, and much more to the desired location.

The heavy-duty iron tube frame can hold up to 200 LBS and is powder-coated for a lasting finish.

This is a space-saving wagon that folds up for easy storage in the trunk, closet, or garage. 

Durable oxford fabric is filled with foam protection and is machine washable.


  • Includes a fitted cover with a carrying handle for easy storage or transport when not in use. 
  • Strong iron tube frame construction.
  • Durable fabric is filled with foam protection and is machine washable
  • Adjustable soft pull handle for easy pulling


  • The handle is adjustable
  • Built-in pocket for extra storage
  • Can haul up to 200 pounds of stuff


  • Some users have reported that the tires and fabric emit a strong odor out of the box.
  • Not for the beach

Quest Folding Utility Sports Wagon


It is made of durable 600 denier polyester fabric and a steel frame, able to carry 150 pounds of things from point A to point B, and has 2 mesh cup holders to keep your beverages separate.

This wagon can be folded up and stored inside its own carrying case.


  • Collapsible wagon with collapsible handle
  • Perfect for transporting camping equipment, gardening tools and beach chairs
  • Made from durable 600 denier polyester fabric
  • 2 mesh cup holders keep your cold beverages secure
  • Quick and simple to set up


  • Folds and opens quickly, low maintenance and not overly technical. 
  • Durable fabric and framing.
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-functional


  • The replacement parts not available through manufacturer.
  • Can be difficult to pull in the sand if carrying a massive load. 

Why a folding wagon?

The folding has a foldable frame that can be opened and closed at will, for easy storage and carriage. It should be sturdy and durable.

The ORIGINAL wagon is a heavy four-wheeled vehicle pulled by horses, mules, oxen, and so on.

  • It is used to transport goods and people.
  • Wagons are different from carts since it only has a pair of wheels and are lightweight and can be drawn by people and also animals.
  • Wagons have evolved over the years, and now it has shrunk into mini-models for use in backyards and gardens.

Since, the means of transportation evolved and developed into power engine cars and trucks and the use of wagons was phased out in some areas, although some still use it till this day, wagons are now used primarily in gardening, to transport tools, fertilizers, pots and plants from one short distance to the other.

How to choose the right wagon for you

When looking for a hatchback or wagon, consider the type of driving you do, the climate and/or road conditions, how much power is necessary, how much cargo you will be carrying, and how many people you will be likely to transport.

Fuel economy and price are also factors.

Wagons can be more fuel-efficient than heavier SUVs and many models come at a more affordable sticker price, translating to saving money at the time of purchase and later at the pump.

The power train for wagons usually ranges from a small-displacement four-cylinder to a more powerful 6-cylinder engine, although V8s are available in a limited number of sporty and luxury models.

Some wagons can achieve overall fuel economy in the mid-20s; some models, particularly luxury vehicles, have good fit and finish and extra features such as a telescoping steering wheel, automatic climate control, and power seats.

  • Most wagons are available with a full complement of safety equipment.
  • All-wheel drive is available on most wagons and is consumers are urged to consider an AWD wagon because of the safety advantage they can provide.
  • Advanced safety features like a forward-collision warning, automatic braking, and blind-spot monitors are all common and highly recommended. 

A brief history of the folding wagon

A wagon was formerly called a wain and one who builds or repairs wagons is a wainwright. More specifically, a wain is a type of horse or oxen-drawn, load-carrying vehicle, used for agricultural purposes rather than transporting people. 

A wagon or cart, usually four-wheeled; for example, a hay-wain, normally has four wheels but the term has now acquired slightly poetical connotations, so is not always used with technical correctness.

However, a two-wheeled “Hay Wain” would be a hay cart, as opposed to a carriage.

Wain is also an archaic term for a chariot.

Wain can also be a verb, to carry to deliver, and has other meanings.

What are you going to use the folding wagon for?

If you ever had (or saw) one of the RED RADIO Flyer wagons as a child, you understand how useful (and fun!) having a wagon can be.

Folding wagon incorporates many of the benefits of a wagon like the RADIO Flyer while also being lighter, more portable, and capable of reliably carrying more cargo.

If you enjoy tailgating, or simply need a way to transport supplies to and from the beach, lake, etc…

A folding wagon can simplify the process significantly.

Wagons are great for running errands as well.

Whether you’re bringing groceries into the house or starting a gardening project in your backyard, a folding wagon can help get everything from the car to wherever it needs to be. 

How Heavy Will Your Load Be?

Most of our picks have a maximum capacity of 150 pounds which is already quite heavy but, some people would prefer to have a wagon able to carry even more such as the Sandusky Lee FCW5424 Heavy Duty Folding Wagon.

It even comes with comfortable padding for hauling your kids around, big, and small.

How Easy Is It To Steer?

You need to check how good the steering is for the wagon; how easy is it to direct and how well does the wagon perform when making sharp turns? you might also check to see if you’ll be able to push the wagon.

Sometimes, you’ll be carrying precious cargo (such as your kids) that you’d rather be able to see right in front of you rather than making yourself tired looking back just to make sure they’re still there.

How Long is The Folding Wagon Handle?

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Mас Sроrtѕ Hеаvу Duty Cоllарѕіblе Folding All Terrain Utіlіtу Bеасh Wаgоn Cart, and the Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wаgоn/Cаrt have adjustable handles which ensure even tall people can pull the wagon without having to stoop. 

What Other Features Should You Look at?

Folding wagons are incredibly useful in a number of situations, and the MAC Sports – Heavy duty wagon is the best product from among the five finalists we tested. The durable materials used and the wide range of situations this wagon is capable of taking on make its price point well-worth it in our opinion.

Check out the best folding wagon with a canopy on YouTube Review by one of our experts.

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